Silk Scarves to wear at workplace for women

When we talk about accessories, silk scarves are important part of all other fashion accessories. They can add beauty to even a simple and plain outfit like a business suit. There are a wide range of scarves available today like cashmere, Pashmina, fleece and silk.  Among these, silk is the most liked and preferred in terms of fiber choice.

The reason why silk is chosen as a fibre for scarves is that it gives elegant appearance and smooth texture to shawls and scarves. You can wear the scarf made of silk in different ways. You can just drape the scarf around your neck, or tie the scarf around your hair in order to keep them intact. Some people also prefer tying it around their waist as a belt.

Also, you can use a large silk scarf as a shawl and drape it around your shoulders. You can use it in many ways to make it look good. If you are going to the office, the best way to wear the silk scarf is to tie it around your neck just like a choker.

You can also make it a fashion statement by pinning it using a scarf pin, brooch, ring or clips to keep the scarf intact. In case you are not carrying a pin or a brooch with you, you can simply wear an oblong scarf which is knotted at front side and let it hang down, especially during spring and summer time.

Silk scarves indeed give you a fashionable look. They are perfect to match any business outfit.  Many people also prefer using a Kashmiri scarf during winters to get warmth. You can just wrap it around your neck. You can also go with knitted scarf to drape around your neck or combine it with matching gloves so that it adds to your looks.

It is important to select the right scarf for office use. Make sure you do not buy a scarf that has unnecessary lace or frills on borders as they will not give you that formal office look. Instead they will give you a gaudy and fancy look.  Search for plain edged simple scarves. In case you prefer a knitted scarf, make sure the scarf is knitted tightly so that you can use it with office wear.

Ideally, the colour of your scarf should contrast to the colour of the outfit for example a dark colored outfit should have light coloured scarf.  Silk scarves are not the accessory that becomes essential part of your wardrobe, but you will notice people wearing scarf as it portrays a fashionable image. It also adds warmth to the personality.

The silk scarves are cost effective so you will be getting style plus elegance at an affordable price. Make sure you choose the right scarf for office use. Do not choose fancy scarves as it will ruin the professional look that is needed at workplace. Make sure you have some light colored scarves in your wardrobe so that you just pick, wear and go.